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Jan 22

Self Checkout

I was running late for work when I realized I forgot to shave today. I had no shaving cream at work as I had recently run out. Not a big deal as there is a Pick n Save right across the street from my work.

I ran into the store, grabbed a bottle of shaving cream and made a mad dash for the check out. There was another guy walking towards the self check outs also, I promptly stepped in front of him and went in the lane with 2 kids about 12 instead of the old folks in their 70’s in the other lanes, as they can’t ever figure out how to work the self checkouts.

As I stood behind the children declaring victory, I realized they had a bag of nickels and were paying $3.45 in all nickels. Not only all nickels, but they seemed to take a moment to watch each nickel register on the screen before placing the next one in.

I was late to work.

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